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David Dastmalchian, whom you might know through his work in films like the Ant-Man series, has made his debut as a comic book author. The first issue of his count Crowley comic, about the adventures of a “reluctant monster hunter,” is now available. Here’s everything you must know.

Who Is David Dastmalchian?

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An alumnus of DePaul University’s Theatre School, David Dastmalchian started his occupation off with a bang. His first credited role was as one of the Joker’s goons in The Dark Knight. He’s also appeared in films like Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners and TV series like the return of twin Peaks. but again, he’s probably best known to a lot of people for his roles as Murdoc on MacGyver or as Kurt the Russian hacker in Ant-Man and its sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp. (Will he be in Ant-Man 3’s fan campaign?)


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However, Dastmalchian isn’t only an actor. He’s long been a writer, as well. before he began his occupation as an actor, Dastmalchian succumbed to a 5-year heroin addiction. He later kicked the habit, though it inspired the 2014 film Animals, which Dastmalchian wrote and starred in. He also wrote and starred in last year’s gritty drama All Creatures here Below, which culminates in his native Kansas.

Not all of Dastmalchian’s works are so serious, though. (That is a not a subtle Joker reference, I promise.) growing up in Kansas as a comic book fan, he has now fused that early interest with his past life experiences to make his new comic series.

The count Crowley Comic: What Is A “Reluctant Monster Hunter?”

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Set in 1983, the count Crowley comic series focuses on Jerri Bartman, an aspiring reporter. Unfortunately, her occupation isn’t going in the direction she hopes. instead of becoming an on-air anchor at her local network, she’s demoted to a far less glamorous role. Her bosses install her as the new host of their little channel’s creature feature segment. It seems that the old host, the old count Crowley, is missing. Jerri isn’t expecting much from the gig, but she can’t possibly expect what actually happens.

That’s because she isn’t just introducing B-movies. She’s actually been drafted as one of a long line of monster hunters. against her better judgment–and her own wishes–she’ll have to learn the truth about battling monsters, while battling her own alcoholism. Although the series is set in the early 80s, there is that wink to the phenomenon of “fake news.” In Dastmalchian’s world, monsters actually control the media, so they control the messaging about themselves. That indicates that wooden stakes may not actually be the cure for vampires, for example. (Keep believing silver bullets kill werewolves, though.)

Along with Dastmalchian as the author, Lukas Ketner is the artist for the series or at least, the first issue. Lauren Affe was the colorist. count Crowley: Reluctant Monster hunter #1 is published by Dark horse comics. It is available through the publisher’s site, your local comic book stores, or online retailers.

Are you looking forward to reading about count Crowley’s adventures? let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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